Friday, February 05, 2010


A judoka recovered an old ju-jutsu technique.

On May 16 in Poasco (Milan), during AISE ‘s grade exam, Giancarlo Manenti, 5th dan from Siena, showed during randori an old breakfalling ju-jutsu technique named “chugairi”.

At Bu-sen Milano we always practised it as space conquest exercise (see training film), with the recommendation to our judokas not to use it because it was a technique reserved to jiu-jutsu expert, that could cause accidents to less skilled judokas.

Giancarlo Manenti took the Shodan in Siena, studied 5 years at Bu-sen Milano. When he went back to his native town he put right chugairi in randori as counter-attack to o-soto-gari, and ending up with waki-gatame or kesa-gatame (see randori film).

Due to this brilliant achievement proved in randori, as person in charge for exams, I've taken the liberty to propose him for 6th dan, as the only judoka in AISE who has brought a study of (I believe) worldwide relevance on judo to a conclusion.

I add some details: “ukemi” means “break-fall” and comprises all techniques that allow uke to absorb a fall escaping tori's control. Saigo Shiro nicknamed “The Cat” was famous for this. Among these techniques: Chugairi, Dai-sharin and mae-ukemi.

With the spread of judo, these techniques were considered unsafe and abandoned, admitting in the Ukemi category only techniques which permit to absorb the ippon without damages to the body.

-- Cesare Barioli

[Fuente: How do armbar?]

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