Friday, September 18, 2009

Official announcement from International Budo Seifukai

[The text below has been submitted by Patrick Augé Shihan]

September 15, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

The purpose of this statement is to announce that after Master Minoru Mochizuki, founder of Yoseikan Budo, passed away, the Kokusai Budo Seifukai (International Budo Seifukai) was formed for the purpose of continuing and developing his ideals of education. These ideals are: to inherit and promote the principles of “Maximum Efficiency” and “Mutual Welfare and Prosperity” and to apply these concepts to the cultivation of character; to help youth develop physical and mental qualities; and to contribute to the improvement of quality in martial arts through the promotion of mutual friendship among its members, while deepening one’s appreciation of Budo.

Consequently, we divided the organization into three (3) regions. The directors of these regions are:

  • East Japan Operations Director, Nobumasa Yoshida Shihan, 9th dan
  • West Japan Operations Director, Tadashi Sugiyama Shihan, 9th dan
  • and International Operations Director, Patrick Augé Shihan, 8th dan

    In particular, all requests from overseas, such as notification of results of ranking examinations, applications for rank certificates and arrangements for seminars or training in Japan should first be made through Patrick Augé Shihan ( who will inform the Hombu. Please understand that this procedure is for the purpose of maintaining the quality of ranks and the integrity of the organization.

    Moreover, the Yoseikan Hombu (main office) was moved to France and, the former Hombu Dojo in Shizuoka, Japan, was purchased by a third party. Consequently, the Seifukai is no longer practicing in that location. Also, please note that Mr. Terumi Washizu, from whom we could not get cooperation in regard to our requests, resigned from Seifukai.

    The present location of the Seifukai Hombu is the residence of Tetsuma Mochizuki Saiko Shihan, second son of Master Minoru Mochizuki.

    Hiroaki Kenmotsu, Shihan 8th dan was appointed Hombu Secretary.

    International Budo Seifukai
    Kyouichi Murai, 10th Dan, Chairman
    Tetsuma Mochizuki, Saiko Shihan

    Left to right: H. Kenmotsu; P. Augé; T. Sugiyama; T. Mochizuki: N. Yoshida; K. Koga.

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