Sunday, August 16, 2009

“Comprehensive Yoseikan Budo book in English” by Edgar Kruyning

This is to announce the publication of “The Art of Ju-jutsu,” the most comprehensive volume on Yoseikan Budo ever produced in the English language.

Subtitled “the legacy of Minoru Mochizuki’s yoseikan sogo budo, a dynamic synthesis of modern and traditional martial arts,” this book gives the most detailed and authoritative review available of the unique art created by Minoru Mochizuki, one of the earliest uchi deshi of aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, in his home dojo in Shizuoka City, Japan. It also gives extensive detail on the modern yoseikan budo of Hiroo Mochizuki, current international head of yoseikan budo, allowing the reader to find the commonalities and striking differences between the approaches of a father and son devoted to budo. Earning the following ranks since his beginning in budo at age 13 (turning forty this month), Edgar Kruyning is well-qualified, both physically and intellectually, to present the essence of Japanese martial arts:

  • 6th dan Judo
  • 6th dan Yoseikan-Aikido
  • 6th dan Ju Jutsu
  • 5th dan Yoseikan-Budo
  • 5th dan Iaido
  • 5th dan Aikibudo
  • 5th dan Kobudo
  • 2nd dan Karate

“The Art of Ju-jutsu” reflects Minoru Mochizuki’s teaching that aikido is a form of ju-jutsu, which he considered a unique expression of Japanese culture to be preserved, developed and given to the world. “The Art of Ju-jutsu” is the best English resource available on the arts of yoseikan.

Published by, available on Amazon and elsewhere, “The Art of Ju-jutsu” will be a valued addition to any serious martial artist’s library. Densely illustrated with hundreds of high-quality photographs, the text provides rare insight into this important martial arts tradition. Preface by Patrick McCarthy.

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