Sunday, January 14, 2007

Iwama and Yoseikan Training Night

January 11th we had an interesting training. People from Iwama Ryu and from Yoseikan training together can only bring extra insight for all of us...

Yes, it sure was a very short training, as it was mostly improvised and we ran out of time very fast, but it's good for a start; we'll do that more often.

Anyway, Iwama Ryu Sensei, Arturo Navarro, showed us some ken and jo suburis and the Roku no Jo kata done in 6 movements, then in 5, in 4 and in 3 movements.

Then, Yoseikan Sensei, Miguel Ibañez, performed mukae kubi shime sutemi. It's a beautiful sutemi with a very straight entry, so a big "Woooooohhhhhhh!!" was heared at the end. Big surprising movement.

After that, we all gathered for the theoric class, as we call it, in the surrounding bars and pubs. That was great as well! And fun, of course!